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How was this done?

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If you try WebBatch for 60 days we know you'll want to buy it. So here's your chance to try it out for free. Just download your copy and get an evaluation license and you're set!

Please note that perhaps the marketing department has gotten overly enthusiastic proclaiming the merits of WebBatch. To use WebBatch successfully please note that:

  • You need a Windows based web-server under your direct control.

  • If your web page is located at an ISP or any of the "free" web-hosting services, then WebBatch is not going to work for you.

  • WebBatch is ideal for small to medium sized web-server installation located in business and corporations.
Step 1: Download WebBatch Step 2: Get a free evaluation license
  • Enter your name and email address below. A WebBatch script will immediately email you licensing keys that will unlock a downloaded copy of WebBatch.


    The key provided should work at least 60 days, perhaps a bit longer. We hope that will be sufficient time for a reasonable evaluation. If you have any special problems or requests, please contact the Support Desk. Thank you.

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