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How was this done?

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About WebBatch

WebBatch is a dynamically-executed CGI scripting language that runs on Windows web servers. It's a subset of our popular Windows Interface Language, with over 500 functions for general-purpose computing (string manipulation, file management, list processing, binary file processing, time & date functions, etc.), and extra functions for World Wide Web and Internet-related tasks.

You create a WebBatch program with a plain text file, just like you do with HTML.

Here's a simple WebBatch program:

    ; helloworld.web
    ; our first WebBatch program
    webout("Content-type: text/html",2)
    webout("<title>Hello, world!</title>",1)
    webout("Hello, world!",1)
WebBatch is the only CGI programming language that puts power in the hands of the PHP-impaired. If you've ever edited a DOS batch file or used Basic, you'll feel right at home with WebBatch.

WebBatch has a complete complement of functions to handle Internet-related tasks, including webout() and weboutfile() for including text and files in HTML pages, and functions that handle communication with FTP, SMTP, ping, HTTP and other Internet servers and protocols.

WebBatch also gives you powerful -- and familiar -- structures to control the operation of your programs, like "if ... then ... else", "for ... next", "while ... endwhile" and "select case". And it has "gosub" and "call()" to help keep your programs modular and re-usable.

Of course WebBatch has all the standard arithmetic functions (sin(), cos(), average(), timediffdays(), etc.), all the standard constants (avogadro's number, pi, the speed of light, etc.), and all the standard logical operators (and, or, not, etc.). But WebBatch also gives you nearly three dozen string-manipulation functions, including several easy-to-use commands for list manipulation (counting items in a list, inserting, sorting, extracting, etc.).

There's also a bevy of file-manipulation functions -- filecopy(), dirchange(), etc., just like a batch language -- including functions that directly manipulate "ini" files for easy storage and retrieval of data between web page visits. And WebBatch also gives you a complete set of functions for operating directly on binary data, in RAM buffers or files.

WebBatch also provides sophisticated techniques like late-binding dynamic runtime variable substitution, process management, recursive execution, and DLL, .Net, and COM Automation support, if you really want to go nuts about it.

One more thing: WebBatch will even let you use "goto" if you need it. Because sometimes the simplest solution is the best solution.

Every page in this site was created on the fly with WebBatch. Click on the "How was this done?" button at left to see how.

It's YOUR web. Teach it some new tricks.

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