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How was this done?

How was this done?

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Here's how this was done:

Most of the pages of this site were created with weber files. A weber file is a simple, extensible format for easily combining HTML and the power of WebBatch. In a weber file, the name of a WebBatch subroutine appears in {curly braces}. Everything else is standard HTML. Using the BinaryTag family of WebBatch operations, WebBatch scripts can be written to make quick work of processing the information within the {curly braces}.

WebBatch picks a different background stripe for every page of this site.

To make the random stripe, we created 29 separate background GIF images, named "bg-1.gif", etc. Then we used a weber file to get WebBatch to pick one at random, like this:

    <TITLE>Powered by WebBatch</TITLE>
    <BODY BACKGROUND="bg-{random?29}.gif">
The {random?29} tells the server to run a WebBatch program called "random.web", and pass the number 29 to it. The program uses WebBatch's "webout()" command to insert the random number into the HTML text.

Here's the source code for "random.web":

    if param0==0
Note: Some lines in this source code have been broken for improved readability.
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